Photoshoot at the Pen

02007-08-01 | New Mexico, Ottmar, Photos | 3 comments

I met Luis Alvarez at this photoshoot with Greg Gorman when he was in town in March. Today we shot at the old Penitentiary where the famous 1980 prison riot happened. Luis used a Hasselblad that records 39 mega pixels per image!!
This is the very room where the riot started. Inmates burned mattresses in this room. The fire burned for three days and became so hot that the concrete “melted”. See this photo that shows a hole in the floor.
I wish I had brought my EOS 20D, but the Nokia did pretty well.


  1. laurie

    just caught the other photos you shot there on your flickr page- both haunting and beautiful…
    the light is lovely – i wonder if it was like that when the prison was
    in use and if it was if anyone noticed it…

  2. Victor

    really looks good nice pic’s

  3. Boris

    Maybe I’ve missed you writing about it, but for what purpose were the pix made? New album? Will they be available for (any kind of) download at some point?


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