The World Without Us

02007-07-31 | Environment, World | 5 comments

The World Without Us – Alan Weisman

My favorite:

100 Years: With no ivory trade, half a million remaining elephants increase twenty-fold.


  1. Carol

    And in the meantime , my irresponsible neighbor’s cats have had another batch of predators.

  2. Carol

    I like to think of sound waves , though weakened, going outward forever. It makes one think twice about what you say, doesn’t it!

  3. Will

    Everything leaves a footprint elephants included. With our progress and population growth we are leaving a much bigger and worse footprint this is a fact. I haven’t read the book but wonder what he suggests to reduce our footprint and/or impact. If we didn’t have certain process’ there would be even more starvation, inadequate health care, increased squander etc. I think it is a fair assumption that there are “necessary evils” we must live with because we have put ourselves in a point of no return. Interesting information none the less.

  4. Will

    Thank you marijose that answered a lot of my questions.


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