Almost Barefoot

02007-07-31 | Ottmar, Photos | 4 comments

Vibram Five Fingers – perfect for playing guitar in cold TV studios or on hot outdoor stages – the solar festival stage in Taos was a good example… Also, swimming, surfing, walking on rocky beaches, crossing hot parking-lots on the way to the rocky beaches etc…

Here is an interesting fact I did not know. Vibram is an Italian company named after its founder Vitale Bramani.


  1. Carol

    Charming indeed! Do they come in flesh-tone so you could wear them at a concert and not “spoil your reputation” :)

  2. laurie

    carol – that’s funny… maybe to go with them a fake bald head wig?
    (very big smile)

  3. stephen duros

    hahaha, those would have been perfect for the Solar Fest! What was the temp on the stage about 105?? I think you could have fried an egg on your pedal board.

  4. Eddie Russell

    Haha…very innovative, and particularly good for someone who always has their shoes off during performances ;)


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