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I have been enjoying TED talks, which I download and view on my cellphone. You can download the talks for free to iTunes or as mp3 as well. I enjoyed this talk by Jeff Hawkins very much – but disagree with the notion that brain is where it all happens and the body is just along for the ride. James Howard Kunstler’s talk The tragedy of suburbia is spot on I think and very funny. James Nachtwey is very touching.


  1. Steve

    I read Jeff Hawkins book _On Intelligence_. I found it to be quite dated regarding the current state-of-the-art in AI.

    As an educator that did my graduate work in AI, I found his thesis to be unsubstantiated, non-empirical, and pseudo-scientific.

    He is a very entertaining/engaging speaker, I admit …

  2. Panj

    Speaking of cell phones etc…I saw your picture, Ottmar, on a news blurp for the new iPhone…:-)))…I had the sound off, so don’t know if any of your Music appeared also…God Speed to you and Luna Negra!!!

  3. ottmar

    Rob O.: Thanks for the link. Great vid!


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