The wisdom of designing Cradle to Cradle

02007-06-19 | Environment, World | 2 comments

TED | Talks | William McDonough: The wisdom of designing Cradle to Cradle (video)
Architect and designer William McDonough asks what our buildings and products would look like if designers took into account “All children, all species, for all time.” A tireless proponent of absolute sustainability (with a deadpan sense of humor), he explains his philosophy of “cradle to cradle” design, which bridge the needs of ecology and economics.

Over two years old and just as right on, brilliant, shocking and wonderful as it was then. And smart and funny I might add.
Thanks Y.


  1. Will

    I have this book on order.

  2. eno

    picked up the book today at my local book store. also caught a few more of his lectures on youtube and google. very informative =)


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