Green Roofs

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Photo gallery « G R E E N • R O O F S
Great photo gallery. I would love to have a green roof, but there isn’t enough rain in Santa Fe to make that happen.

In the evening I saw this Jack London cabin in Oakland….


  1. Will

    It is a really great idea and it is starting to grow popularity around the US. Nice link.

  2. Carol

    They need to get a goat on their roof maybe?

  3. Amanda

    This is really taking off across the country and in many climates… There are definitely technologies available that would support a green roof, even in SFe! You can collect stormwater in a cistern, and use it for irrigation for irrigation of native wildflowers and grasses. There are lightweight roof systems out there that wouldn’t require significant structural improvements for a building….

  4. ottmar

    Amanda: Thanks for your note. That is true and I have considered that. However, I think it would be more useful to cover my roof with solar panels as we do get a lot of sunshine and with the new solar technology that is coming out I could generate most of my usage needs.


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