Sunday in Temecula

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Sunday morning in Temecula:
Because YOU deserve it
Sondcheck in Temecula:

Last night was a blast. Stephen said afterwards that it was his favorite show with us. We do always look forward to playing at the Mountain Winery. Why? It’s a combination of things, the location is beautiful, the audience responds, the catering is great…
Here is a pic I took in the afternoon:
Mountain Winery

One of many photos Stevo took yesterday. Click on above photo to link to his Flickr pages.
Link to Stevo’s blog for his take on the day.

Link to Ochazuke’s slideshow on Flickr. She took photos during the performance.


  1. Will

    Looks like fun. Such quaint and nice places to play.

  2. laurie

    what a great night that looks to have been… i hope you all continue to have such a good time, lovely experiences, and safe travels in between

  3. Panj

    Thanks Luna Negra for the Concert at the Saratoga Winery, Saturday night. It was an awesome Evening!
    A beautiful cool evening with deepening shadows…Redwood, Oak and Grape Roots slipping into rest…the Dusk awakening into blinking lights in the Mountains and Planets appearing in the sky brighter and brighter…and bridging the gap.. ~magical~ magical~ Music!
    I had the added Blessing of being surrounded by 3 newbies, who had never been to the Winery or experienced a live Luna Negra concert…it was pure delight to watch them become more enthralled and joyous…
    The Music was familiar and so new at the same time, the little pieces of abstract notes sprinkled throughout made me laugh and the new Electric Guitar pieces were ~electric~ to say the least! The whole concert has left me verberating and quite in awe! I have not wanted to listen to single note of Music today, so as not to dilute away the Evening too soon! Perhaps you will record some of that new Electric Guitar? And perhaps even those wonderful Crickets that sang with and after your Concert! May the rest of your Tour go as beautifully if not more so, Peace and Health to you all!

  4. Gail

    I was there and the concert was wonderful! The Mountain Winery is my favorite venue to attend events.

    You all were terrific! I had a lovely time. Thanks so much!!

    Have a great tour.

  5. Gudrun

    Thank you for these wonderful pics!


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