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02007-06-11 | Photos, Touring | 2 comments

Free Hugs - 1Free Hugs - 2
Day off in Santa Barbara. Adult beverages al fresco followed by free hug from some guy. Walking along the street Stevo impressed me with his knowledge of palm trees.


  1. Brad

    Funny that you post this, OL!

    I just attended the concert of the band whose song kicked the whole Free Hugs Campaign off! The band is called Sick Puppies, and while they are a hard rocking band, for them to put out something as honest as “All the Same” (the song used in the Free Hugs video clip) says quite a bit. These campaigns are going on everywhere including here in Sacramento and my other home in Las Vegas.

    As Juan Mann said many times (including on Oprah), it’s a wonderful way to just show people that you care and put an end to the tension and vigilance in the world today.


  2. Carol

    All so well organized with Table of Contents and all. I like the “hugs in different languages”. I do hope a hug is standard all over and doesn’t mean something dire in some culture….because, ohh, it feels so good to the hugger as well as the huggee…


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