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Counter Culture - 2
iTunes Plus is certainly a step in the right direction. As soon as Apple announced DRM-free 256kbps files in April ago we spoke with our digital distributor and in the coming months our SSRI catalog (my albums starting with La Semana, Jon’s Transit series and Stevo’s Thira) should become available in that format. Of course our ListeningLounge offers even higher quality than that.

Lovely day! A Pilates class at noon, then lunch at CC (see above photo). On my way home I dropped by Milagro to return an empty jar of facial cleanser and to buy a full one. That’s what I call recycling, as they will actually re-use the same container with a new label. We are fortunate to have small businesses like Milagro here in Santa Fe.

Then I sat down to practice guitar for most of the afternoon.

In the evening I made potato salad, starting out with this recipe, but using olive oil and balsamic vinegar. My mom made great potato salad, but I had never tried before. Later I installed Shozu on my Nokia n95, which should enable me to geo-tag (and upload to Flickr) photos with the built-in GPS. Look for geo-tagged photos from tour.

Movie: Volver by Pedro Almodovar – loved it.
Book: After Dark by Haruki Murakami – the first few pages grabbed me and I am looking forward to reading more. Poetic.

I can’t believe I have taken so many photos of flowers


  1. Gudrun

    ….. because the beauty and the variety of flowers are a delightfully part of our wonderful nature. I have got a file filled up only with blossoms.

  2. Panj

    Danke sehr for more Flowers…nice to go to bed with so much beauty in one’s mind…und danke sehr for all the links!

  3. Panj

    ps…can’t wait to see you on tour…God Speed!!!

  4. Manuel Rangel


    How does your guitar practice exercise go? Do you mostly practice songs or do you have specific exercises that you work on.

    Would love to hear your opinion about practice exercises and which ones do you think a person needs to concentrate more in terms of getting a better tone on the instument.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas.


  5. Anna

    Ottmar, how was the salad?

    The story on DRM free music appeared in the local paper Sydney Morning Herald and on their website.

  6. laurie

    my, that does sound like a lovely day… sounds very nourishing in many ways

    did you have your potato salad as a side to something else or just by itself?
    what kind of potatoes did you use? There are about a dozen varieties going into the garden here this year – yummy, fresh right out of the dirt, cooked simply and with lots of butter. Last year’s kept in the root cellar quite well, but a new crop is good to look forward to (love them as early new potatoes too…)

    your flower photos are beautiful – never will get tired of them… they look great all together in the collage and you have a good eye for the beauty of a drop of water. I have been working with a new camera and will post to a Flikr
    account soon… spring is just waning here in Maine and summer is coming on.
    It is good to be surrounded by green and growing again.

    just got the e-mail with your summer tour dates – Boston! I wish you all well on your travels over the next few months… have fun and look forward to seeing/hearing you and the band in August.

  7. janene

    I’m so glad you love flowers as much as I do. Great Photos. Excellent music. Will be attending the NYC show in August @ BB kings!

  8. Anna

    Ottmar, when I go out I mostly take photos of flowers. They make great subjects :-)

    When is your next trip to Sydney Australia?


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