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On June 2nd our compilation ‘Rumba Collection 1992-1997’ will be in the stores. There are songs from our albums ‘Solo Para Ti’, ‘The Hours between Night + Day’, and ‘Opium’, and a couple of previously unreleased versions.

There is a funny story about the new ‘Speed Merengue’ version of ‘Barcelona Nights’. A few years ago I flew to Miami to play guitar on a song for Nestor Torres, a fantastic flute player. I spent the evening before the recording with the producer of the song, driving down Ocean Boulevard. We were listening to latin radio stations and they were playing these really fast Merengue songs that were very popular. I called it ‘Speed Merengue’, which had the producer and his friend laughing hard. I told them it was the latin version of Speed Metal music. They said it was really something to watch people dance to that music, but we didn’t go to a club to find out that night. Anyway, I started singing ‘Barcelona Nights’ to the fast Merengue rhythms coming from the radio and decided that I should record a ‘Speed Merengue’ version of the song. When Epic asked me to put together this compilation I had a chance to release the song. See how you can dance to it!


  1. Matt Callahan

    I confess, even with the Speed Merengue version as power enough to make the purchase, I bought it for the cover art. The interior picture is very cool too.

  2. Mixalis

    The rhythms on ocean drive are magical. a lot of it stems from the culture of Miami and surrounding areas. I did the south beach thing for 2 days in 98…and that was plenty for me. Wow!

    Barcelona nights is still one of my favorite songs. furthermore, the rumba collection is one of my favorite compilations.


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