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Back on Track: European Railways to Challenge Discount Airlines – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News
The group, which is referred to internally as “Railteam,” plans to offer the equivalent to Star Alliance frequent-flyer miles, a program that German rail company Deutsche Bahn already offers its customers. Other perks will include seamless connections at stations, through ticketing and fares, accessible information on booking and journey information, and on-train Internet access, a press release from Eurostar says.

The third gen ICE was easily the best train I rode last month. Well designed, comfortable and fast.


  1. Carol

    I wish some of our billionaires would decide to start some decent cross country trains in the US. It doesn’t make sense that a person has to go halfway across the country to get on a train.

  2. Diran

    Welcome Home
    Are you planning to play at the Canyon Club(CA)?


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