Winding Road/La Primavera

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I have been pacticing Winding Road/La Primavera from Leaning Into the Night and am working on a new arrangement for this Summer. I don’t think I have performed the piece with a second guitarist (unless we played it with the XL band in 1997??) and Stephen would add a nice driving force to it. Instead of the tempo on the album, which is 123bpm, I have been playing the main body of the song at 130bpm and for the last third I speed it up to 165bpm. Fun but challenging – I won’t be able to play this in the beginning of the evening or on a cold night!! Could be very exciting to play it like this, especially with Davo’s percussion.


  1. Eno

    my favorite track on that album!


  2. Victor

    I keep staring at the tour date list! Can hardly wait to hear this! Mmmm, maybe it will wind up on a future album… or at least as a single in the Listening Lounge (hint-hint).

  3. Manuel Rangel

    I got your opium book and tried this piece but did not get anywhere. I was getting alot of pain on my left hand. I need to do more exercises on the Full Bar and playing solos at the same time to be able to play this piece.

  4. Carol

    I can’t wait to here. Winding Road is an incredible song. It does such magic things.

  5. Carol

    “hear” that is.


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