Test Drive for the End of Oil

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Test Drive for the End of Oil: Goodbye Environmental Standards (TreeHugger)
As the fuel supply crisis in Ontario continues, truckers are facing a shortage of diesel fuel. The Ontario Minister of Energy has asked the Federal Minister of the Environment to allow the use of “off-road” hugh sulphur content fuel that was banned in Canada last year. Member of Parliament Dan McTeague calls it a temporary measure “in order to respond to a unique crisis”. We recall that they said that about income taxes in World War 1. Polluting high sulphur diesel is also easier and cheaper to produce: “The Nanticoke refinery, even at low capacity, can produce this grade of diesel fuel much quicker than regular truck diesel.”

This illustrates why we have to work extra hard to replace oil. When we are cold we don’t care that we should not chop down the neighbor’s tree for firewood. When basic services are not available (food, warmth etc.) social conventions break down. Remember the seventies, when people were siphoning each other’s fuel tanks or pulled out guns at gas stations?


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