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Should we repeat the process of “One Guitar”? I could start a new album in the LL that would contain working mixes – not final mixes – of tracks for the next band album, tentatively called “Up Close”. Or we can wait for the whole album to be done and release the music all at once.


  1. Boris

    Both sound like nice options. A die hard fan would vote for the first one, I suppose. Well, I enjoyed the process of 1G very much but I will never forget holding in my hand a copy of LS after following your diary for all those months…

  2. dave

    I think it’d pretty neat to hear both “rough” & finished versions, personally.

  3. Anna

    I am with Boris on this one, but then again I cannot wait to hear next new track.
    Even if it will be labeled like 0509021910

  4. Mixalis

    The process of one guitar via the LL was real cool, however, I am old school and I prefer the whole album to be released at once.

    Either way , I get the feeling “Up Close” is going to be very special…

  5. mario

    Hmm… I felt the same way with “One Guitar” though….

  6. laurie

    well, being rather new around here, that’s quick and easy for me to answer (perhaps rather sefishly I guess too…) I missed your “One Guitar” process and
    so it would be great to be in on this one.

    how’s your finger healing up?

  7. Heather

    …as if you have to ask….

  8. Jackie

    Totally agree with Laurie, I really enjoyed being able to share in the excitement of the album coming together.

  9. Carol

    I like to hear the complete one first and then get any of the different versions later. I get at least a couple CD’s… one to put on the computer and for the stereo and use in the car and one for a friend. Seems like Innamare always ends up in the car. It’s the right music for driving to.
    But you know, really, it’s up to you and I’ll be content whichever way you choose. That only seems fair : )

  10. Adam Solomon

    Hmm, to me very little beats the satisfaction of holding the final product in your hands and absorbing it all in at once. I’m afraid that posting rough mixes before the release would make the release that much less special, and so I’m very inclined to vote for releasing the album at once and releasing the mixes either simultaneously or a little bit afterwards (after all, I think the mixes tend to be more interesting when considered in the context of the finished product, but that’s just my view). That being said, that’s just me; quite a few people seem to want this so I would probably feel better voting for “the first option but I’ll try my damndest not to listen” than the second option.

  11. Matt Callahan

    The idea of releasing working mixes is very cool. Of course you know I’d buy as many different versions of the same song that hit the LL. I’m just like that.

  12. Miltos

    I was thinking exactly the same thing this morning. Ubelievable. I mean … i think it is wonderful for a fan to “find out” how an album is made and built. There´s nothing like the final product, so no matter how many rough mixes or edited versions of songs someone will listen to, the final thing´s always the most exciting one (fresh & new). ich finde es eine tolle Idee. wirklich! ich bin ganz sicher, dass “Up & Close” dein bestes Album sein wird.

  13. Victor

    A little taste along the way would be fun… but save some surprises for later! Of course, even having listened to “Tears” I found “1G” to be a different experience.

    Oh, and please post some album cover ideas (even if it’s a pain having your fans try to re-design it for you… LOL)!

  14. Gudrun

    Thank you for asking your fans, that’s nice. I think it’s your turn to decide under which conditions your work has a good “flow”. We will support you at all!!

    Miltos, …genau wie La Semana und 1 G……


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