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It took Rapidshare a couple of days to respond, but now the files for five of my albums that We-Love Music was pirating – see my earlier post about the difference between sharing and pirating – have been deleted. Sadly they did not cancel the user’s account and did not remove any of the other atist’s files.

We-Love Music uses a Blogger account and most of my comment spam seems to come from Blogger accounts…


  1. Shawn

    I think that pretty much says it – people need to learn and be educated about the difference between sharing culture and stealing culture. It’s an important part of music that it be shared, but it’s also important for artists to be rewarded for creating something worth listening to.

    There is only so much consumers will tolerate in the way of restrictions and DRM before they either just pass or go over to the dark side and lift music from sites like the one you were talking about.

    On the other hand, there’s only so much artists will tolerate before they decide it’s just not worth it to create stuff that’s just getting stolen.

    Hokey as it sounds, teaching people and reasoning with them will certainly do more than DRM which just seems to punish the consumers who are actually paying for artist’s music.

    As an aside, Ottmar, you made your way into one of my posts a couple of months ago. It can be found here if you’re interested in hearing one story of what your music means to others.


  2. ottmar

    Shawn – thanks for the link to your post

  3. Sharon

    I am sorry to say that the links to your albums are still valid and can be downloaded thru Rapidshare. I would suggest that you contact the blog company to voice your outrage and request that they remove that blog from their sites permanently.

    Good luck

    Thanks for the wonderful music you make and looking forward to many more years of listening to your fantastic music


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