Speech Recognition

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Microsoft Discovers Secret to Speech Recognition – Gizmodo
Eventually, speech may be the way that most people want to interact with their PCs and other computing devices.
(Via Gizmodo)

Please say it won’t be so. Just imagine – half the people in any cafe, restaurant, public space will be talking on their phone and the other half will be talking to their phone or computer.


  1. laurie

    the scenes with HAL from 2001:A Space Odyssey came to mind…funny

    what is happening with eye movement or mind based technologies?

    our culture is so set on filling up every minute with activity, quiet spaces with sound, and every empty space with things – pretty intent on not wanting to
    chance witnessing space as it is…

    (of course, one must strike a balance – how else can i justify all the OL?… oh and yes, there is all the music that happens in betwen the notes… sigh/smile)


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