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Brad comments:
Slashdot ran a story today about EMI’s next big thing. They are looking at selling their entire catalog to the public, in MP3 format, WITHOUT DRM. As they are the parent company of Higher Octave, would this essentially put you out of any compensation for your music to be sold, or would EMI collect the revenue from it? Also, as far as your portion of the catalog, do you own it, or them? If them, it would be really weird to see them sell your material, they collect on it (yet again), while you’re left out cold…

Well, that’s how it goes, Brad. Musicians make music and have the satisfaction of being creative and performing on a stage. The suits grab the money and run. The original owners of Higher Octave sold their company to EMI, and while their employees were fired and their artists’s catalogs were shipped to Milwaukee (Narada) and now to Manhattan (Blue Note) to be administered by people who have no deep connection to the music or the artists – they are sailing the mediterranean dreaming of being able to perform on a stage…

EMI owns NF, Poets, and Borrasca, but they only licensed ITAOL and Santa Fe Sessions. ITAOL will revert to SSRI in June and we will release an improved version later this year. I have been wanting to re-master the album for a long time and want to add a second CD to the package that will contain remixes.


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