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Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra Band Rehersal Jan 07 – a photoset on Flickr
If you could only hear the cool transition from a slow Blues to a Bulerias we came up with. Gives me vertigo. I get the same feeling while performing or listening to a time change in music, in the above instance from 4/4 to 12/8, that I get from looking down from a tall building. Suspension, going through a tunnel, a funny sensation in the lower chakra… it’s a little unsettling – in a good way. Like a carnival ride.


  1. Carol

    Oh, now I know how to describe how I feel when listening to Buleria de Rojo, Black Stone Buleria, Milan in September, etc etc. ………yes, its a wonderful vertigo.

  2. vic

    I hope we fans get to hear this new band out east in NJ & PA some time soon. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. Steve Lea

    Welcome back to Texas and Austin. Looking forward to concert, although my seats were not as good as I wanted- didn’t find out about concert from email for some reason. I am spoiled- have had front row seats to at least 4 shows in the past. Will give someone else the opportunity. Taking my friend who I took to San Antonio Christmas concert in ’05- her first time- she is huge fan now.


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