Fermat’s Spiral

02007-01-20 | Internet, Music, Radio, Santa Fe | 9 comments

The sheet that was hanging above Santa Fe has been lowered and now it appears as if we could touch it.

Fermat’s Spiral — from Wolfram MathWorld
Does the spiral on the right at above page remind you of the yin-yang sign? (Reference found on Roshi Joan’s blog)

So many ways to get to the bottom. Music, math, particle study, genetics. Every road traveled far enough will give up some gems. A million ways to touch the sky.

Rehearsal at 10AM today. I want to play Havana Club again.

Added the SSRI label to Last.fm this week – Link. And here is the wikipedia entry on Last.fm, which is basically your own personal internet radio station. Flickr for music. It also suggests artists and albums based on the music you like. I hear this works pretty well with Reggae or Techno, but not so well for our kind of music (which is WHAT?). A while ago Canton suggested that the reason for that is that there is a lot more data available for those genres. That makes a lot of sense. Here is Jon’s artist page and here is Stephen. Check this out: Hm, I don’t own a single album by any of the guitarists that Last.fm suggests are similar to me.

Got home just in time after rehearsal – it’s snowing heavily again.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Archimedean Spiral. Now that’s a cool name for a band if I ever heard one.

  2. Carol

    “Every road traveled far enough will give up some gems. A million ways to touch the sky.” Thank you

  3. Anna

    Matt, I like the name :-)

  4. Anna

    Ottmar, original Havana Club version or re-mixes from Euphoria?

    P.S. Currently listening to Opium, lost track how many times it has played in the last 2 weeks. :-)

  5. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, remindes me of a hopscotch game we played when we were kids…i wonder the idea of yin and yang to a lot of thinges also…especially the practicinge being an end to itself not just the “finished” piece…the Reubens looke…i went as the lion and the mouse for hallowe’en this year withe a withe freddie clawes…pretty fun dancinge with friendes…lovinge my guitar y alwayes amore y paz, llindaskaye e.p. ******* ps i enjoye your writinges and your videos very much and i love the weather also…amigoeas amore *******

  6. Anna

    Ottmar, when is your next trip to Australia? Can we hope to see you back here sometime in 2008, or do we have to wait till 2009?

  7. Carol

    I love Havana Club. Someday maybe you’ll even be able to play at the Havana Club. Who knows?

  8. Falla


    i regards to the “artists similar to you.” thing…………i have albums by all the artists that are mentioned, but i don’t think they are really similar to you or each other.
    i have never been a fan of comparing one persons music to another though………. but they are all worth a listen……….

    by the way……….. love your new solo cd. it’s in the rotating mix with Bjork and Radio Tarifa.

    Peace & Blessings


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