Storm King Art Center

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Storm King Art Center – Andy Goldsworthy
Watched Rivers and Tides again last night. Storm Kink Art Center is definitely on my list of places to visit. I am especially impressed with the documentary itself. Most documentaries have the feeling of encyclopdias – they carry information. This documentary (and Touch the Sound by the same director) is art – based on other art. Like a review by Lawrence Russell over at CultureCourt, which is poetry rather than just information.


  1. Matt Callahan

    I’ve seen Rivers and Tides a few times on cable (one of few redeeming features) and I have to agree, it’s a wonderful film. The museum looks very interesting. The picture of the wall is enough invitation to make the trip.

  2. ottmar

    Matt –
    Interesting view into his life. At breakfast he looks “far away” and stares into the distance while four kids run around the kitchen. Later he says that people for the most part “drain him”. Why would somebody who feels like that have four kids?
    Yes, the wall looks fantastic. I must go.

  3. laurie

    …an interesting view of him as he sits in the whirlwind of the “everyday” life that goes on around him. It is just a small window into that part of him. Could what drains him also nourish him in some way? Maybe he feels a need to go forth and multiply? How fortunate to have all of that “ordinary” stuff being taken care of for him (food, family, home) so that he can have the freedom/time/focus to create his art. Perhaps his wife (partner?) should receive as much admiration and applause as he does? I would have liked to have heard from her! I might be wrong here, but it seems historically most “successful” women artists have been childless yet “successful” male artists have been able to enjoy the benefits of having a family without having to give up their art. In the end I suppose it is the choice that is made by either. It is just more difficult to be a woman who has a family AND to want to create art. And, I wonder what it is like for his kids?
    I enjoyed the film immensely…I am glad it included his reactions when a piece would fall apart or be washed away in a flash as he was trying to finsih it…

  4. laurie

    i remember a post you made titled “gift” in August 2005 – it seems AG could take a lesson from OL… I have read some of your archives lately… little did i know that the person i saw on stage last month is so much more… my apologies for not knowing – i feel humbled… also grateful for having the window opened – many thanks. be well


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