New Morning, New Year.

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Woke up a little after 5AM from a drip-drop in my bedroom. I put a towel under the leak and since I would not be able to sleep with the dripping sound I got up and made tea. Now the sun is about to rise on a new day and indeed a new year. Many thanks for your New Year’s greetings and may 02007 be a good year for you and for all of us.

I know I am going to enjoy writing 02007 (0+2+0+0+7=9)…

The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996 (The Long Now Foundation uses five digit dates, the extra zero is to solve the deca-millennium bug which will come into effect in about 8,000 years) to develop the Clock and Library projects, as well as to become the seed of a very long term cultural institution. The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today’s “faster/cheaper” mind set and promote “slower/better” thinking. We hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years. The term was coined by one of our founding board members, Brian Eno. When Brian first moved to New York City he found that in New York here and now meant this room and this five minutes, as opposed to the larger here and longer now that he was used to in England. We have since adopted the term as the title of our foundation as we are trying to stretch out what people consider as now.

You can also read this article on the Long Now Foundation.


  1. Salma

    It’s not a good feeling to wake up so early to a dripping sound in your bedroom, unless the sound is unique enough to be recorded to become part of a musical composition. Too much snow melting fast could have done it. The reflections of the sunrise on the snow look beautiful.
    Wishing you and all my friends here the best for 2007.

  2. Matt Callahan

    Seeing the year entered as 02006 in your previous post had me thinking of the future. The long term future. It’s something we all need to do. Thanks for that.

    All the best in 02007

  3. ottmar

    Matt –
    Yes! You are right. I changed today’s entry to reflect that.

  4. Diran

    Hi Ottmar,
    Sorry about my silly question?( As you said ,questions are not silly.)
    What are these number stands for? 0+2+0+0+7=9
    I have some idea but i’m not sure.
    Thank you.

  5. Carol

    Strange about drips at night. They are magnified like objects seen on the horizon..
    Your photo speaks of the best of year’s dawning. I feel it will be for all of us. Thank you all for making the past and present so much fun.

  6. Gudrun

    At my home town in the middle of Frankonia, Germany, we like to say:
    Wenn’s alte Jahr erfolgreich war,
    dann freue Dich auf’s neue!
    Und war’s schlecht – dann erst recht!

    Best wishes for a good 2007 (and your 02007).

  7. Kim

    I have loved your music for years, and I enjoy your photos, but I know that I can always find “food for thought” in your diary posts and the links that you provide. Thank you. Best wishes for a peace filled 2007.

  8. Adam Solomon

    I’m a bit confused and very curious :), what is the significance behind the added 0?

  9. laurie

    best wishes to you ottmar for the coming year… thank you for bringing your music, photos, and thoughts into this world for all of us to enjoy – i am grateful.

  10. shawn

    Sounds like a good morning – excepting the drip-drop of course – and the start of a good year. Nice prayer flags in the pic. Hope the snow isn’t too overwhelming out there and hope your New Year is great. Cheers.

  11. ottmar

    Diran –
    9 has always been my favorite number.


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