Last Day of 02006

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Woke up early. Made some coffee and waited for the sun to rise while working on my Tibet photos. I am going through all 1,700 photos again – this time using Apple’s Aperture software – and will put together a Tibet slideshow for 2007.
Sunday Morning Promise
Meanwhile the sun has found a hole in the cloud-cover and is lighting up the snow crystals like a Japanese animated movie fairy-tale sequence – eine Zeichentrickmärchenglitzershow.

Everything glitters as the sun-beam moves across the horizon. And then it’s over as another cloud obscures the light.

– I would like to finish my next band-recording Up Close
– I would like to record another solo guitar album – augmented with location sounds and the occasional synth texture – with a Tibet theme. Maybe a DVD with the music plus a slideshow

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!


  1. Victor

    Much to look forward to! Happy New Year!

  2. Diran

    I can’t wait to hear next band -recording, DVD.
    2007 will be exciting to receive them

  3. Boris

    Good intentions! Supported by your fans’ best wishes 2 u 4 2007.

  4. Carol

    You alwys add so much anticipation to my life. And miracles of nature in the present. It will be heaven in 2007… Happy New year!

  5. vic

    Sounds like wonderfull projects, will be looking forward to hearing and seeing them. Hope maybe you put some info on how you play and record on the DVD Happy New Year!

  6. Pannj

    From your lips, to God’s Ears!!!! and MUCH Health & Prosperity to you Sir.

  7. jeff lomaglio

    Looking forward to the photos of tibet. I noticed on you’re site that you have an interest in tea you should look up karen dunlap, she is a tea sommelier in nyc who is trying to bring tea to more people and has a great site at: Thanks for having the icebreaker website on yours more people need to know about their clothing.And lastly check out SKY BURIAL a book by xinran a great story about tibet and an extraordinary woman it will stay with you for a long time. HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR! Thanks for all the music.

  8. Luz

    Much excitement awaits in 2007! Looking forward to the DVD. Happy New Year!

  9. Josie

    Die besten Wünsche fürs neue Jahr.

  10. dave

    Happy New Year!

  11. vikki willis

    I completely cast my vote for another solo guitar recording. Wow… can you wear the grooves off an IPOD? I think I may soon… I LOVE that recording. woweeeeee. I am an advocate for simplicity, and that music really demonstrates the power and gentleness of simplicity. You have done a great job. Let me know asap when the latest is out. Also, it may be fun to do a recording including sounds sent in from your fans, friends, readers and listeners. The caroline wrens here in Bama are very beautiful to hear. And the wind blowing thru the tall long needle southern pines, or the late summer hiss of the cadacas. There is beauty in Tibet… and also here in the American South. I can prove it! Come and hear for yourself. :)

  12. mario

    Happy new year . Looking forward to the DVD 2!

  13. Mixalis

    A Happy and healthy new year to all…..


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