Temple Music

02006-12-12 | Recording, Travel | 6 comments

From Dustin Brunson’s audio archives: music recorded in a temple in Kham, Eastern Tibet.


  1. yumiko

    wow! that builds without any warning. beauty.

  2. ottmar

    Yes. I thought it was the perfect post after talking about beauty… Some will find the sounds dissonant and not enjoyable. Some will find them very beautiful…

  3. Adam Solomon

    Beauty indeed. I enjoyed that tremendously. The discordant sounds didn’t seem very repulsive at all.

  4. Carol

    It arouses the senses while it lulls them or something. I really like it. I listen often to the Gyuto monks recording Mickey Hart saved. I will say I played it when Mike’s dog was here, and it truly disturbed her. I turned it off in hurry.

  5. mario

    I was listening to some of your selections from “One Guitar”…simply exquisite…got 2 get the CD. You are right…beauty is beyond descriptors…you just feel it. There’s some stuff by Miles Davis and Coltrane that I still find “scaringly beautiful” (like “Nephertiti” or “Naima”, or “Surrender to Love”). Anyways, last summer you played a gig in Santa Cruz, CA…pure magic. After the show you kindly signed my copy of Noveau Flamenco in the parking lot of The Catalyst…Thank you…for the music in the last 12+ years and I hope you enjoyed your Mana CD.
    PS. will “Silence: No More Longing” be available in a CD sometime?

  6. shefaat

    pleas send me surrender love


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