Birchmere, Alexandria

02006-12-08 | Performance, Photos | 2 comments

Photo by Salma


  1. salma

    The show at Birchmere on 5th December was a harmonius blend of beautiful melodies with lovely pictures taken by Ottmar to transport the audience to a peaceful dream world. It was good to see him connect directly with the audience in the question answer sessions. Half of the songs were the old populars which have been played by the band on previous shows. When someone from the audience wanted to know where they could get those pictures, Ottmar’s answer was that they could be downloaded from ‘flickr’ and used by anyone which ever way they wanted to use. Ottmar not only shares his music with us he also is generous enough to share his experiences with us through his photos.

  2. Vanessa

    Your music is amazing. I only found it because I was feeling lonely for Santa Fe and the music I remember from when I lived there in the early 1990s–I used to listen to Coyote radio and when I looked it up your name was listed as well. The station used to play a song in February-March 1993 at night and they never said the name of it. Is there any way to get a play list of that time? I would love to know the name of that song and where to get a copy of it–it’s such a weird song with drums and silence and some guy singing something about “laugh and….lonesome”–I would know it if I could go through the song list.


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