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Went to the Santa Fe Baking Company early today, to get a Breakfast Burrito and to listen to Roshi Joan Halifax get interviewed for the Santa Fe Radio Cafe hour on the local Public Radio station KSFR. Couldn’t hear the interview because the radio host and Roshi were speaking softly and the place was packed with breakfasters, but the Burrito was very tasty. Judging from Roshi’s expression, she enjoyed the conversation.

Dropped off my PowerBook yesterday afternoon to get a larger HDD installed. The laptop is 29 months old and I have outgrown the 80GB internal HDD – more than 11,000 photos take up 40GB plus SSRI audio files etc… Well, something happened to the computer. My guess is that somebody, after opening the PowerBook to swap out HDDs, might have touched the motherboard without ridding him/herself of static electricity first… and now, instead of starting up, the laptop just beeps three times and that’s bad news. It means the computer has to be sent off for repair and who knows when it will be back in my hands. I was going to wait and see whether Apple would announce a MacBook Pro upgrade in January, but decided that the best solution for my current predicament would be to order a MacBook Pro model right away. It should arrive here on Monday and that will give me a week to get my slideshow sorted out before the solo tour starts on November 28th.

Luz Says:
Just curious what you ended up doing with the guitar? You mentioned you might give it away if it survived the long trek.

I was going to put four candles on it or actually set the guitar itself on fire, float it on a sacred lake as an offering and take pictures of it early in the morning around sunrise when the lake looks still and like glass – photos of that beautiful lake will be uploaded to Flickr on December 1st – but the evening before my ritual one of our Tibetan guides asked whether he could have the guitar and so I gave it to him and showed him how to tune it.


  1. vic

    I have heard that the new mac books may have that problem and suposily there is a new firmware program to upload. my wife and daughter had to do this to get ther mac books working again. dont know if that helps. Look forward to seeing you in NYC and Sellersvill PA

  2. Adam Solomon

    Oh no! I hope the hard drive is still safe? That must have been quite a scare, but one of the most important things, I’d imagine, is to make sure that the pictures, music, etc., remain safe.

    I’m glad you’ll be able to have a new MacBook in time to prepare the solo show stuff, though! With regard to the opening six solo shows, do you have any idea as to what the differences between them might be, with regards to day/time, knowing how you play over a night?

  3. Luz

    Thanks for sharing Ottmar. I was just wondering if you had given the guitar to one of the kids in a previous photo. Although seeing it ablaze on fire in photos would’ve made for some interesting pics indeed!

  4. Steve

    Wow … it really sucks that you will have to buy a new machine just because some tech didn’t use proper ESD procedure… What a bummer

  5. Steve

    That’s a better ending for the guitar I think. You’re ceremonial burning would have been fitting, but now you know that it is still giving enjoyment to people. Too bad about your computer. Good luck on the solo tour.

  6. Boris

    Lucky guy! If he will play it? Somehow I’m sure he will…

  7. Jackie Dassler

    I agree this was much better end for the guitar and a wonderful gift. I think I would of much rather see pictures of the smile on his face when you gave him the guitar than the guitar set afire.

    I hope that I will be able to enjoy your music tomorrow night at GIG!

  8. ottmar

    I don’t think there is a better end for the guitar. Two different endings, one selected at random. Neither better. I doubt the guitar will survive long anyway. It was already getting worse – no wonder considering the temperature changes and no hard case.

  9. Carol

    I was going to suggest you get something besides an Apple, but I guess you wouldn’t see the humor in that…


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