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Elderly harmonica player arrested for performing copyrighted songs at bar – MSN-Mainichi Daily News
A 73-year-old bar manager who illegally performed copyrighted tunes by the Beatles and other artists on the harmonica was arrested Thursday on suspicion of violating the Copyright Law, police said.

That’s just silly.
(Via, I think)


  1. Carol

    How proud they must be to have made that arrest. Such a dangerous criminal. Next they’ll be singing “Happy Birthday” in public places. disgraceful!

  2. dave

    I guess I’d better stop playing Beatles songs on my guitar.

  3. ottmar

    Not so strange, Adam. It depends on what kind of “warranty” was given. If you get a 3 year warranty on anything you expect it to work – or you will take some kind of action. As usual the media does not give a lot of detail and attempts to outrage. In any case, it is not a law they are writing about, but an interpretation of law. Aren’t you going to Yale – you should know the difference.


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