Zhechen – end of September

02006-10-31 | Guitar, Ottmar, Performance, Travel | 10 comments

Playing guitar for the kids at the Zhechen monastery college.


  1. Victor

    What a great shot! Love the expressions of your audience!

    Hope you are doing well and enjoyed your journey!

  2. Adam Solomon

    Beautiful picture! Looks like a wonderful experience. Welcome back, Ottmar.

  3. Carol

    Such awe in every eye. They won’t forget your visit and your music will remain with them.

  4. vic

    Glad to see you back and its wonderfull how the music transends the language and culture and connects with people of all ages. Hope your journey was wonderfull and enjoyable.

  5. Jackie Dassler

    Welcome home Ottmar!!! The pictures are awesome! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  6. Panj

    Welcome Home Ottmar, so glad you had a safe journey! We await the tale of your adventures. For sure you brought much to where ever you visited. Thanks for all the pictures, they bring so much back to us. Happy and safe Touring!

  7. Boris

    What a wonderful image and how fantastically seen and taken.

  8. Ayşe Cömertoğlu

    I love your music & enjoy a lot listening to it. Will you give any concerts in the Netherlands???

  9. Miguel de Maria

    Very cute–children are children, aren’t they? Little kids love music and musicians, even when their parents have moved on and don’t seem too impressed or interested. However, they usually seem to think it’s a good idea for their children to observe the music!

    I am wondering how on Earth you could play a nylon stringed guitar in the cold. If it gets below about 70 F, my fingers become popsicles!

  10. elyzabeth

    how delightful…
    i have found your blog spot through HOLONS….i just looked in on my first issue.
    i am sewing for rose fernandez…she has spoken of you…i lived at upaya zen center for two years about 3 years ago…
    i am a good friend of dick miller and my first and beloved woman friend here in santa fe was gisela roessinger.
    i missed your evening at gig in december due to the amazing amount of snow falling…
    blah blah blah …
    this is a gorgeous photo…and a rather rap…audience…. glad to have found your notes on life…will come back again.


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