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I received two requests for photos this week. The first was from an independent Australian record label that wants to use one of my photos of the Newcastle Theater from this Summer for their 50th release, which will be a 2-CD commemorative set. Yes, of course.

The other one came from a gentleman at the University of Arkansas who is writing a book on the mathematics of symmetry and came across one of my photos on Wikimedia: Siena Pavement
Yes, of course.

Turns out some of my photos have appeared on wikimedia because of the Creative Commons license I am using. I searched for my Flickr handle o2ma on wikimedia and the result was 3 pages of photos. This is wonderful! Thanks to whoever took the time to look through my photos and upload them to Wikimedia!

This morning I read a provocative post by Momus on beauty, called Queen Midas. I think most musician are loners or at least start out as loners. If you are popular in junior high and high school you don’t have time to practice a musical instrument for hours every day. I certainly was a loner and spent a lot of time playing guitar and reading.

Had an important insight this morning: I was going to bring a couple of metal water bottles to Tibet, because I prefer them over the popular Nalgene bottles. Well, I realized that if it is freezing, my lips might get stuck to the cold metal – just ask any trumpet player, who has performed outside on the East Coast in Winter, what that feels like… duh!


  1. Davide Andrea

    I was really pleasantly surprised to see hits to our new site,, coming from your site! I am curious: what made you add a link to our site?

    By the way, I am a DJ at KGNU, in Boulder, CO, and
    I have been playing your music on it for years. I never thought that there would be such a two way connection…

    The internet is SO amazing!

    (Sorry for doing this through the comment thingy: I tried emailing you directly, but I was stimied by the 2idi stuff…)


  2. Simone

    WOW. I really like the concept that one cannot seperate knowing ones self and helping others.

    Others are a reflection of us and so as we interact with one another we learn and grow.


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