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Most of the time we are not able to make a shift, a real change in our life, unless a catastrophic event of some kind occurs. Often that means the death of a friend or relative, a disease, an accident, something that shakes us up…

I think it is clear to most of us, that humanity cannot continue on its present course. As below, so above: it will also take a catastrophic event, or a series of them, to inspire a shift in humanity. That change will not come as a result of governmental or corporate decision-making, because they are only self-serving. Rather, I think this change will suddenly happen – after catastrophe strikes once, or multiple times…

The definition of a healthy complex organism is the ability to bounce back from catastrophic failure. Of course, the cost will be great and many lives will be lost.
Sunset 3. September - 2
The sky is burning. Sunday evening sunset in Santa Fe.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Ah, just want I needed to hear to brighten up my Tuesday morning :)

    But you are probably going to end up being pretty right, of course. It’s not difficult to see something coming in the distance.

  2. Susanne

    I just hope that enough visionaries will survive and collaborate to help inspire that shift in humanity, considering ourselves as part of our environment – a global and holistic approach to humanity.
    By the way, der Himmel brennt sehr schoen in Sanya Fe!


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