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Santa Fe Farmers Market
Support your local growers. Right now we might buy blueberries from Chile, but transporting produce over great distances will become too expensive at some point. Better start getting to know your local suppliers. Went to the Farmers Market this morning. The place was starting to fill up at 7:15AM and by the time I was leaving at 7:45AM it was hopping! Bought great apples from Dixon and 2 pounds of Basil to make pesto. There is nothing in the world like homemade pesto. All the store-bought pesto sucks by comparison…
Yellow Scooter - 1
This scooter blended into its environment…


  1. diran

    I agree Farmers Market is the best.I just got back from there,love spending time there.I bougt blueberries,strawberries,raspberries and some vegetables. Of course there is nothing like homemade pasta,
    specially, “Armenian ravioli ” yogurt and tomato sauce on the top.Enjoy it.

  2. Gudrun

    I’m lucky to live in a suburb where a lot of farmers sells their products right next to the farm. Only regional goods, that goes without saying. The farmers are very pleased about if you take an interest in their work.

    Ottmar, I hope you prepare a fine “pesto genovese” with delicious “Pinienkerne” and “Parmesan”. Lecker!

  3. Mixalis

    Home cooking is so good for the soul. Moreover, it is very enjoyable…
    Try a little lemoni with that basilico

  4. Salma

    Making pesto sauce with fresh basil from the farmer’s market sounds not only tasty but also very satisfying. Those of us who can afford the time and luxury of a little extra yard space can also take it a step further and grow our own organic herbs and vegetables.

  5. marijose

    Another way to support local farming is to “subscribe” to purchase a weekly basket of produce from a local farm during growing season. More information on this is at .

  6. Anna

    I few nights ago at a wine dinner I had great pleasure of meeting one of Australia’s best wine makers, Vanya Cullen. This great lady makes superb wines. Best of all they are all organic.


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