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I have still not decided one way or the other about the use of projected photos during my solo performances in November and December. It would distract from the guitar performance, but that is not necessarily bad. Some people come to watch me play guitar, but others just want to experience the music, meaning the guitar-playing itself is not as important. For those folks the photos would be very interesting. And – by November I should have hundreds or thousands of photos from my Tibet travel I could add… although, the Tibet experience will most likely inspire a whole new CD and tour.

PS: I will certainly try using the photos. I have been experimenting with photos selected at random by the laptop – from a list of about 500 photos I picked from the 10,000 pics on my computer – and that works great, I think. The brain immediately creates its own story using the music and visuals, and every performance will be different as the computer will select different photos in a different order every night.


  1. Boris

    Personally I’d prefer to listen to the music only and some times watch you play/clap. But I can imagine that you would create a fantastic blend of music/visuality, say one moment focus on music, another moment showing pictures w/o music, then maybe music underlying the pictures (Tibet!) and then again only the music, the sound of music… what remains of a day.

  2. Anonymous

    Perhaps a DvD ?

  3. AdamSolomon

    Hmm…if the pictures distract you, don’t look at them :)

    I’d say putting them up satisfies the most people.

  4. diran

    Hi Ottmar.
    Yes I took pictures of you at the stage and parking lot of the Canyon Club.
    The picture on stage,it was last song of the concert.(Ballad 4 Santana)
    Didn’t mean to distract you,it is a nice memory to me because I have been
    in a band when I was teen-ag-er.
    YES What about DVD?????

  5. Anna

    Ottmar, no matter what you decide, your performance will still be a spiritual experience that people will remember for years to come.

    Adam, LOL :-)

  6. groovychick

    Ottmar, use your photos. First of all, your photography is like your music…amazing. Having a visual element that extends that depth of music (choosen by you) would be special to see. I think it would be groovy.


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