Music and Object

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This GodPod machine furthers an emerging trend in non-transferable media players in the face of infinately copyable and transferable media. I went back through this blog and found the iQuran, Buddah Machine, Soundbomb as well as Alice Wang’s piece for the Hulgerisation workshop. They all create new formats that bind the player to the media inextricably. This creates exciting possibilities for the relationship between the music / sound / content and the physical object which plays them. A similar relationship between the record and its cover.

Hm, I like the fact that music has been liberated from the form. Buying a machine that plays only a limited amount of content seems like a waste of plastic to me. It might be an interesting promotional tool, but it is also a one-trick pony and takes up a lot of space… That said I can certainly understand that it would be a designer’s dream.

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  1. Adam Solomon

    Hmm, there are the pros and cons in our rush to integrate everything into one convenient machine. While I think most people would love a cute and portable device that served as MP3 player, camera, cell phone, PDA, wallet, blood-pressure monitor, and high-resolution telescope, there is always something to be said in a special little machine that is designed after its function and always points the right way to Mecca.


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