Japanese Whaling

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Coverage in Washington Post, L.A. Times, and Seattle Times.
Thanks Yumiko.


  1. yumiko

    You are welcome.

    I like how Matt Goerzen of, “The Foreigner/Japan”, described Japanese whaling from the consumer viewpoint,

    “…Despite Tokyo ‘s attempts to influence Japanese eating habits, it really comes down to what consumers want, and what the world’s marketplace will allow. You can advertise the virtues of whale meat to death, but unless the product is worth buying, both for the food content, and the fashion and fads of the time, you won’t make people swallow it.”

  2. david@tokyo


    In terms of eating whale meat, the market here is (presently) small, mainly due to supply chains having been wiped out due 1) overexploitation of whale resources globally through mismanagement up until around the 1960’s when many important species got protection 2) the unnecessary moratorium which totally strangled supply (which was recognised by the FAO at the time as being sustainable at the time).

    However, it is still available on various menus here in Tokyo, and a good friend of mine back from her studies in England told me over dinner on Monday that whale meat was one of her favourite foods (she’s 27).


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