26. July Wednesday

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Australian newspapers report today that Japan slaughtered 1,092 whales in the past arctic summer, including 226 pregnant ones. Many were killed while nursing baby whales, which were often left to die on their own. Not very clever, is it, killing the next generation as well? This must be stopped at once. Japan claims they kill whales for scientific research, but this is not killing a handful of animals. 1,092 is an unacceptable number and we all should be ashamed for allowing it to happen! Please leave any info you might have about organizations that effectively fight the Japanese whaling industry in the comments. Note: anyone can comment, but comments will only show up once approved, which can sometimes take a day or two.

About the loss of a species Gary Snyder writes in The Practice of the Wild:

The extinction of a species, each one a pilgrim of four billion years of evolution, is an irreversible loss. The ending of the lines of so many creatures with whom we have traveled this far is an occasion of profound sorrow and grief. Death can be accepted and to some degree transformed. But the loss of lineages and all their future young is not something to accept. It must be rigorously and intelligently resisted.

And later he writes:

Hundreds of million years might elapse before the equivalent of a whale or an elephant is seen again, if ever. The scale of loss is beyond any measure the planet has ever known. “Death is one thing, an end to birth is something else”

In the morning: walk across the bridge to a park that has a handful of Western Gray Roos.
Just as we get to the park, rangers arrive to feed the animals and invite us to join them. When moving slowly the kangaroo actually uses the tail like a third leg and lifts itself forward. Very useful appendage.

Next we walk into the city centre and have a late breakfast.

I like THIS sign and THIS is funny, too.

Five PM lobby call. We will fly to Auckland overnight and will arrive there Thursday morning. That evening we will perform in Auckland.

International Fund for Animal Welfare has THIS on whaling.
Greenpeace Save the Whales.
Whaleman: Stop Japanese Whaling.


  1. JacquelineLegault@hotmail.com

    Greenpeace if you need contacts , I will send! My best friend is a first mate for 18 years of Enviromental issues and so many sensless deaths !

  2. Gnome of the Garden

    I just sent Paul your website and will be seeing him in the next day or two before we both ship out!

    I am quite certain he will contact you and send you much info, for I know he was right there and everything was captured on film!



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