Tuesday 18. July

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7:30PM reservation at Tetsuya’s. Someone tells me the restaurant is quite near the hotel and we could easily walk. It starts raining cats and dogs about one block into the walk and we discover that it is actually six or seven blocks away. All taxis are taken already and although we try to stay under awnings we arrive soaking wet.

We are seated at a table with a view of the Japanese garden in the atrium.
Garden - Tetsuya's
A glass of 1980 champagne welcomes us…

We declare that we have all the time in the world tonight and that we would like whatever Tetsuya wants to make and yes, could he select the wines as I know very little about Aussie wines and he is a master at selecting the perfect wine with each course… in fact some the wineries make special Tetsuya-labelled wines for him…

The first dish is served in an espresso cup and contains a puree of sweet potato with a little feta cheese and arrugula… I give it one stir with the tiny spoon and drink it down in a few sips… wow! My taste-buds are waking up and I am saying to them “I told you!”…

We leave the restaurant at midnight… after four and a half hours and an unforgettable meal. An amazing symphony of flavors. Tets is a genius.


  1. Jega

    Glad you had a chance to taste one of our best chefs with a passion to create such great dishes.

    I am also blown away with your performance in Sydney at the State Theatre. You have an amazing inner peace that oozes out in the music you and Luna Negra created on stage. Thank you for a special experience.

  2. Carol

    And while it’s in the 90’s and 100’s and arid here, it’s winter, wet and cold there. I hope you are staying warm.

  3. Gudrun

    We also need an awning – against the heat in Germany. Your “La semana” songs and in adition a little bit dancing flamenco. I told you – “das hat was”!!

  4. Victor

    Sounds like it was a special evening!


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