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Water Catcher 5AM
Woke up to the sounds of hard rain around 3AM. Got up and checked windows (and ceilings) for water-entry. Went back to sleep for a couple of hours and awoke to a day wrapped in gray. Above photo was taken a little after 5AM. Water filling the metal Rain-Catcher, long exposure and hand-held. Made tea and perused a new book called Basho’s Journey, about the prose written by Basho. Basho means Banana… It stopped raining by 8AM, but sand had turned to slippery mud by the garage and I lost my footing while carrying stuff and went down hard on my left arm. After pouring half a bottle of Peroxide on the scrapes I MacGyvered a bandaid using a large non-stick pad and pieces of gaffer tape – 1001 uses.
I was thinking about Gary Snyder’s words. I want it both! I want to be able to reach far away places quickly and with ease, and I also want to be able to walk on a path to experience the nearby world with my body… I am looking into walking the Continental Divide Trail.
This evening: packing and phone interviews with journalists in New Zealand. I was just about to stuff five photocopied pages of maqams (arabic music scales) into my laptop bag – something to work on while I am in Australia – when I thought hm… maybe not. They have western music notation at the top, but below are lots of handwritten arabic notes.


  1. Carol

    Ouch! I’m sorry. I hope it doesn’t hurt you too much. Sounds like a painful scrape. I remember once you cut your finger right before you left for Turkey…used Superglue instead of bandage and duct tape then I think. Of course you’ve gone a lot of places and didn’t hurt yourself before leaving….
    Will it be winter cold in Australia?

  2. Patrick

    Body injury: incoming message.
    Left side: spirit, internal issue
    Arm: will in motion, drawing in (or pushing away)
    Message: You’re missing something important
    Pay attention


  3. ottmar

    Thanks for the advice.
    Sometimes a black cat is just a black cat and a fall is just a fall.

  4. yumiko

    thank you for Basho. Agreed, “a fall is just a fall”…stay away from the mud.

  5. Susana

    I, too, am sorry about your injury and wish you a speedy recovery. I get the impression that you are very strong and resilient. As an artist you will surely make art out of your pain. You know when they say, “Break a leg” they mean good luck. This could just as well be a good omen. =)

  6. Carol

    I wonder how old you were when it became instinctive NOT to hold out your hand to brace against a fall. It must be for you…?


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