As above so below

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I think what we call reincarnation is just like little glitches in the Matrix, little electricity brownouts… happens all of the time. There need not be a reason for it. It’s a very complex system and glitches must happen constantly. Some we notice, and some we don’t…

You know how extreme violence (and amazing love!) stays with us… it scars us, makes a deep impression… we may replay the images in our head… we may be compelled to re-live the images from time to time…

Why should it be any different on the large universal scale! Extreme hate or love overloads the system, distorts the output, derails the train, creates a hole, short-circuits the matrix… creates an apparent reincarnation, a re-living, a re-experience…

As above so below…

In Big Mind we fracture our self into many, many voices… the more time we spend doing the process the more we voices we may find… personal voices, transcending voices etc… in the end we put it back together as the free-functioning human being…

We all, that is all living things, this entire complex system… or what the chinese call the 10,000 things… it’s just like all the voices we access during the Big Mind process… in other words the voices relate to the free-functioning human being exactly the way the 10,000 things relate to Big Mind… the 10,000 things are no more and no less real than the voices are… Just as we can get stuck in the voice of anger or the voice of the vulnerable child, we get stuck in the voice of EGO, of ME, of SOUL…

As below so above.


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