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From an email to me:

The Buddha began by looking for an end to suffering – in the end he found that Suffering was the end to suffering. Another Koan – How do I go to the place where there is neither hot nor cold. (That is where there is no suffering) The teacher answers “When its hot the heat kills you. When it cold the cold kills you.”

My comment: He found that Suffering is the end of suffering. Yes, and that reminds me of a rubber band… a well-kept rubber-band is elastic and bounces back, while a brittle and dry rubber-band breaks… that’s really the only thing we are studying and practicing: How to keep the rubber-band elastic. Everything else follows from there. The definition of a healthy complex organism is “robustness”, meaning that it has the ability to bounce back from a catastrophic failure. A well kept and exercised rubber-band…

From an emailed comment to above post on my IN Journal:

I find an interesting correlation between your entry Rubber Band and your description of Luna Negra on your site as being like a rubber band. May be what keeps your music fresh & “robust”?

I didn’t realize that I used the same language, but I do see a correlation as well.


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