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My mind is in an interesting state the last few days. I know the state well and recognize it as a pause in which my mind digests and re-arranges data… It is the muddled state that can precede the act of creation. This state used to freak me out – until I got used to it.

When working on music I seem to invariably arrive at a point where it seems hopeless and muddled and stale. This is a hard time for a young musician, but one soon discovers that out of that muddled state a brilliant new vision may appear (or not…).

I am old enough to observe the state with slight bemusement and less panic – and a little bit of expectation. Because it seems to be part of a mental process. Not unlike THIS process of shifting memory from one part of the brain to another.


  1. eno

    Very interesting that you should bring this up. While music is very much with and without form, I too have experienced this. Kind of strange though. I used to panic and think, wow have I hit my ceiling? Is this as far as I can take my music? Then after a few years of experiencing this I realized that when I come to this state the best thing I can do is 1. NOT think about it, and 2. know that it will find me when I’m ready for it to find me. By doing this and not stressing or worrying about “catching” the moment, I’m able to sit in front of the computer and create something that is by far the best that I’ve created thus far. IOW, somehow by allowing the brain to sub-consciously develop at it’s own pace I’m able to pull those same old skills plus new ones to turn it up a notch!

  2. Carol

    It’s interesting to get a little idea of what goes through your head….and encouraging. Maybe this muddle in my head will turn into something besides mud : )

  3. Paula

    Genius is transient (not that I’m calling you a genius, wouldn’t burden you), but this is a bit the way I’ve heard of the epiphany process. Seems like it comes from nowhere, but the subconscious has been working on the solution for a long time.


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