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Warning – MySpace Music accounts are for MUSICIANS. Uploading songs you do not own is a violation of the artist’s copyrights and against the law. If you upload songs you do not own, you account will be deleted.

If you would like to show support for a musical group or artist, create a fan club in our GROUP section here.

These are the rules posted on MySpace. I am guessing that the person who set up the Ottmar Liebert MySpace account, let’s call him E., pretended to be me in order to get a free musician’s account on MySpace. I believe that his intention was simply to let people hear my music and send them to my web site. I had no problem with that and did not contact MySpace, but either somebody else protested or the MySpace police found out that Ottmar Liebert on MySpace was a fan site and not a musician’s site and deleted the account yesterday evening. I then opted to claim a new account in my name before someone else did.

To tell you the truth, I am not sure what to do with the new MySpace account. I do not want to take the time to update it often, and I don’t want to deal with adding friends, which seems to be a really big deal on MySpace: how many friends do You have?

In any case, I am leaning towards putting up a couple of photos and some music and otherwise just linking to this Diary. Of course, if I had kept my big mouth shut, E. would still be taking care of the Ottmar Liebert MySpace and this chain of events would not have happened. Silence is golden.

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  1. Saro Tribastone

    So you are the real Ottmar!
    Well if you have not time I would suggest you let the site run either from E. himself or some other fan or staff guy you have.
    Basically you can use myspace to contact targeted NEW fans (myspace is a free marketing tool, radio or tv not!), there is still people around the world who doesn’t know your music or who aren’t able to recognize your songs if they hear them.
    Then you can speak with them, got inspiration, got feedback, got a stronger connection with those people who are crazy about your music or maybe like it only a bit, and discover other point of view
    About me, if was not for myspace you hadn’t ever responding to an email from me, so we get in connection through this
    I was using your fan site emailing to your friend and asking to listen to my demo track, a lot of them liked it and added me as friend so…only you are missing… would you like to listen it?


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