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Yesterday I did 10 phone interviews with Australian media between 5PM and 8:20PM. Most of journalists were very nice and the interviews were quite enjoyable. Only one interviewer was clueless. When I hear questions like: please describe your music, what are your influences, and what inspires you, I know that the person has not listened to the music at all and is hoping to write the article simply using my words. My response: I am sorry, but I can’t help you. I am a musician. My job is to create music and it is your job to find words to describe/explain/critique it.

I did talk to most journos about “one guitar” and about doing a solo tour in the coming years.

Only 7 weeks to go… I am really looking forward to spending a little time in Australia and New Zealand again.


  1. Anonymous

    ” One Guitar” solo appearances, exquiste!

  2. Borya

    I wonder what you told them. Parts of it I can imagine, of course. It’s so interesting to recall that it started as an online-only album. You even thought about recording tracks elsewhere with a mic and your laptop… Then it was supposed to be added as bonus gift to “Up close”, and now you will publish it on its own. That’s such a wonderful thing, by the way. My burned CD is in use often and the quality of the sound is fantastic. I love turning up the volume, no matter if it’s day or night – but that’s maybe because it’s generally calm here on the countryside.

    Will a guitar accompany you in Tibet? Or is it too high there? Too rough and difficult the climate for a guitar? Maybe you plan that journey too off-road for schlepping a guitar case with you?

  3. Mark Derricutt

    Do you have details of the New Zealand dates? I’ve not seen them mentioned anywhere locally and I’d hate to miss the show…


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