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Red Buddha
Dharma Podcast
Recorded at Upaya Zen Center January 25th, 2006.
In this talk, Roshi Joan explores shamanism in relation to Buddhism. She touches on the psycho-mental crisis of the shaman and the importance of the perspective of indigenous spiritual traditions in our world today. She looks at shamanism and Buddhism as two complimentary perspectives that can help give us great depth as we face global challenges, both social and environmental.

Dharmapodcast.org is new at Upaya and delivers free podcasts of Joan Halifax Roshi’s talks.


  1. Victor

    Thanks for the link… the talk was quite an eye-opener for me!

    That’s a great resource Upaya has made available… looking forward to listening to more!

  2. Matt Callahan

    How did I miss this post? Podcasts downloaded, I’m off to listen.


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