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While I was washing dishes this morning I thought that there is no way we will use water for this in 20 years time. We won’t be able to afford it. Maybe we will have microbes that will clean dishes? Got the idea from this: maggots clean human wounds


  1. magda ...

    microbes … super microbes for faster cleaning … perhaps lasers … love your music … one day I’ll attend one of your concerts … I live in Houston, Tx; and Toronto, Ontario, Canada (part time) … take care

  2. Anonymous

    The Universe, earth life, and the consciousnessaer all violent processes.The basic terms in cosmology, geology, biology, and antropology all carry a heavy charge of tension and violence. Neither the universe as awhole nor any part of the universeis especially peaceful. The elements are born in supernovas. The sun is lit by gravitational pressures. The air we breathe and the water we drink come from the volcanic eruptions of gases from within the earth. the mountains are formed by the clash of great contintental and oceanic segments of the earths crust. Life emerges and advances by the struggle of species for more complete life expression . Humans have made their way amid the harshness of the natural world and have imposed there violence on the natural world!


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