States Sue Over Global Warming

Wired News: States Sue Over Global Warming
Ten states fired a new legal salvo at the federal government Thursday in a long-running court battle over global warming and pollution from power plants.

The states, joined by environmental groups, sued the Environmental Protection Agency over its decision not to regulate carbon dioxide pollution as a contributor to global warming.

I think we will see a lot more of this. First states will sue, then we will see Farmers sue, then people and communities whose property is swallowed by water etc…

Next Green Revolution

Wired 14.05: The Next Green Revolution
Americans trash the planet not because we’re evil, but because the industrial systems we’ve devised leave no other choice. Our ranch houses and high-rises, factories and farms, freeways and power plants were conceived before we had a clue how the planet works. They’re primitive inventions designed by people who didn’t fully grasp the consequences of their actions.

Great article from Wired Mag.

Nouveau Flamenco – two takes

eGoh – Blog Archive: Nouveau Flamenco – two takes

Feedster found another review by a person who saw/heard the Redwood City show. Well, I am just happy that it worked and we both – you as the participant/audience and me as the participant/performer – enjoyed it. I mean I don’t know what would be worse: if you enjoyed but I hated it or if I enjoyed it and you hated it… I am certainly looking forward to doing more solo shows. Here is another photo from the show at the Triple Door – this one is by Naheed Ismail.
Ottmar by Naheed Ismael - 2
And here is another photo by Ritch Fuhrer:
Ottmar by Ritch Fuhrer - 1