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Thanks for the many suggestions I have received in the past week. To tell you the truth, I am not looking for help since I enjoy this process of homing in on an album cover. I have been very involved in the design of all of my covers over the last 16 years. I do think it is an interesting process and that’s why I am posting my progress. In other words it is not a cry for help and while I appreciate your thoughfulness I will continue to ignore your ideas.

Why am I changing the title and cover concept when what we have in the ListeningLounge – title and drawings – is very nice and fitting?
In our fabulous ListeningLounge one can listen to each piece of music in its entirety before making the decission to buy. In a record store people browse and I don’t want people to buy the album and then return it saying they expected “nouveau flamenco” with a band and don’t want solo guitar stuff. People have expectations and when they are not met they tend to get irritated. Trust me, I know what I am talking about, I have received angry letters from narrow-minded people who didn’t like the new direction this or that CD of mine was taking. In addition to that I googled the title “Tears in the Rain” and there are quite a few albums and songs by that name now. That certainly dilutes the meaning.

The current favorite title is “one guitar” (I did use only one Lester DeVoe 2002 Flamenco Negra) and the use of one of the candle-lit photos I took last Friday. That, of course, could quickly change.

Let me add that I hope you will continue to enjoy discussing my ideas regarding the cover, the titles and imagery, to your hearts’ content in this Diary and on Flickr. But please no more email – I am getting swamped.

PS: if you post a comment anonymously, the chance of your comment getting published is pretty slim, unless it is quite witty that is.


  1. Carol

    I laughed when I read your entry. No, I don’t think you desire a lot of assistance in making up your mind. I think you like to decide every aspect of your creations, from the font to the distribution.
    It’s very good of you to share your latest thoughts on things though…and let us do a little figuring for the fun of it.
    I’m glad you are the way you are..wouldn’t change a thing…of course you wouldn’t let anyone anyway: )

  2. Sonja

    Do you have any plans to come to Atlanta, GA any time soon? My husband is you biggest appreciator and I would LOVE to surprise him with tickets to a show! PLEASE let me know. Thanks, Sonja


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