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BBC NEWS | Education | 4×4 vehicles ‘school run hazard’
Danger signs should be placed on 4×4 vehicles to prevent parents from using them on the school run, teachers say. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers will vote on plans to put warnings on dashboards. History teacher Phil Whalley said 4x4s and sports utility vehicles were more likely than conventional cars to kill children and the danger was increased when bull bars were attached. He urged the government to carry out further research into the risks.

Because they stand taller, SUVs aim straight for the head of a child. The irony is that the driver may be a mother or father who mistakenly believes their child is safer in the back of the SUV.


  1. Luz

    I hate those bull bars at the front! Those should be illegal but NO, these idiots not only want to plow through you with their big autos they want to make sure you are maimed for life or worse yet killed! Also, studies have showed that the weight of these decreases the miles per gallon in an auto.

  2. Cesco

    By the way, what’s the big idea behind those bars? Should that thing solve some of the self-confidence problems or something?

    How ever, almost everywhere in europe those killerbars are explicit against any the laws and if your lucky enough to get caught, they form a little cube of your car…


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