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Tour Schedule
I added shows in June with the new quartet. There are more dates, but these are confirmed.

We will do another week of touring in August – more to be confirmed in the next few days. Australia and New Zealand are happening this July (yeah!!!) and I should have those dates online very soon as well.


  1. Jackie Dassler

    I’m so happy that you will be performing in Albuquerque!! Jackie

  2. Mark Derricutt

    whoah – STOP THE PRESS – first I find you have a blog via 30boxes and now I read you’re playing here in New Zealand in a month or so?!?!?

    Look forward to seeing the show….

  3. Borya

    That new quartet sounds thrilling! Two gitarras flamenca!?!? I hope you will allow us in the distance a glance into the setlist, afterwards of course. And make sure that your recorders work!!
    Maybe I overread it but is the quartet going to Australia and NZ or the trio?


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