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How much space is taken up by the carbon dioxide emissions created from a single gallon of gasoline?

How to fill two Ford Explorers with a single gallon of gasoline
Punching a few keys on our wristwatch calculators yields a solution:
Volume = (201.7 x 0.082058 x 277.6)/1 = 4,594 liters Huh? Not a very useful number. So let’s break it down a different way. That’s the same as 162 cubic feet of emissions, which is what you’d get if you had a cube that was 5 and a half feet on each side.

Or how about this way: 162 cubic feet is roughly twice the cargo capacity of a Ford Explorer. You could pack two Ford Explorers full with the carbon dioxide emissions from a single gallon of gas.
(Via TerraBlog from TerraPass)

Now you know. You get angry in traffic and punch that V8 and blam, pretty soon there goes another 162 cubic feet of CO².


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