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CNT technology
Material Evolution
It’s hard to believe now, but years ago wood was the material of choice for many sporting goods. The advent of strong aluminum and titanium alloys made wood obsolete. In recent years, high-performance carbon-fiber components have one-upped their metal counterparts in terms of both strength and weight. And now, with the advent of CNT nanocomposites, Easton has unleashed a new breed of superior bicycle components.

A car built from this stuff would weigh very little and would get amazing milage. This material will change our world radically and soon.


  1. Carol

    And I remember when I was in the 4th grade maybe when the teacher told us how many thing would be built of plastic… and I couldn’t believe it and I wondered what would we do with it when we were through with it. could we maybe turn it back into the stuff of nature? Surely that had been considered. uh huh…of course. we always think ahead…

  2. Thirtyseasons

    These are all great points, but if we’re trying to leave the world in better shape at our departure, tell me how we’re supposed to recycle these cars? Junk yards are already full of plastics, composits, and fiberglass machines that can’t be salvaged and have no recyclable value. What’s to be done with them? Pile them in a remote place and pretend they aren’t there? They aren’t going to rot, and they won’t go away. They’re larger version of plastic water bottles that now pollute every nook and cranny of roadsides and waterways. Metal has it’s drawbacks, but at least it can be recycled and eventually rots away.


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