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We have quietly added two more live recordings to our podcast, but if you subscribe to our podcast you know that already. The latest additions are Bells and Silence, both recorded live at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida, last December. You will find a link named How to listen to a Podcast to the right under LINKS.

Note regarding Bells: Jon transcribed my guitar melody from the chorus and Carla plays it beautifully on her violin. In fact the guitar and violin are so beautiful and haunting together that everyone else stopped playing and decided to leave the chorus to us.

Note regarding Silence: I feel that I played this piece too fast, maybe I was becoming too familiar with it. The studio version, which I recorded after the tour is nice and slow.


  1. Borya

    Before I went to the US to see two of your shows, I was intensely hooked on other tracks of “Winter Rose” so that I had neglected “Bells” a bit. But witnessing you live this song was so impressive that it grew on me and now is one of my all favs from the album. I also loved the conversation between Carla’s violin and your guitar. Thanks for handing this out to us!

  2. Curt

    Jeez, these are incredible tracks. I am so bummed that this tour didn’t reach my “neck of the woods”.

    Thank you Ottmar for providing me with the opportunity to hear a little of the amazing show I was unable to see.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Yes, Silence seemed a bit shorter than normal, although I just assumed you cut stuff out–I didn’t notice anything wrong. It was gorgeous as always, and we’ll forgive you for speeding up here if you put the string section in the album version :)

    Thank you SO much.


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